After preparing intensively, it is finally time – the new Meusburger portal runs parallel to the previous version. The standard parts manufacturer has taken its online world to a new level so that its customers can reach their goal as quickly and intuitively as possible. With just a few clicks, the portal is easy to use for any target group. That’s not it, Meusburger is constantly further developing its portal and even more functions will be available in the future. The advantages that the new portal already offers are summed up below.


Organisation and time efficiency is especially important during the design. That is why the navigation in the new Meusburger portal was designed to be clear and user-friendly despite its size. In addition, designers can now save their parts lists based on the specific project and independently of the shopping cart. That way multiple projects can be easily worked on. The company has also significantly improved CAD data handling. The CAD export can be started directly from the product detail pages without adding the product to the parts list or shopping cart in advance. It is also even easier to individually configure models and now it is possible to go directly to the download.


Customers benefit from the simple order processing with the ‘My account’ section and can access all order data and receipts. The current status of the respective order as well as the current location of the delivery can also be tracked in the ‘My account’ area. Returns and complaints can be handled just as easily and quickly. In order to make the ordering process as efficient as possible, the item import is possible both through Excel files and directly. As a result, the items are automatically suggested based on the data entered. The process to order and request quotes has also been significantly optimised. Now customers can select various delivery options and still adjust their data during the ordering process. The data is transferred seamlessly to ‘My account’.


Meusburger prioritizes getting customers to their goals as quickly and efficiently as possible. The search and filter functions in the new portal help with this, as products or orders can be easily searched for or subsequently filtered. On top of that, both the shopping cart and the parts lists are automatically saved all the time – so the customer is guaranteed to save time. If there are any challenges handling the Meusburger portal, the extensive support area provides relevant and helpful information and customers can use the contact form in the ‘My account’ area to make enquiries or requests on hot runner and control systems. The responsive design of the new Meusburger portal also enables mobile use directly in the workshop.

With the new portal the standard parts manufacturer offers insight into the next level of the Meusburger online world and sets new standards in working with mould and die making standard parts. The first version is just the beginning. In the future, you can look forward to many more features that will help you reach your goal even faster. Reach the next level here:

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