DTS (UK) and Nicolas Correa have strengthened their long-term relationship with WEC Group Ltd in a £multi-million deal at MACH 2024 this week.

The Darwen-based manufacturer is building its factory of the future and is looking to become the largest sub-contract machining shop in Europe.

To achieve this aim it has used the show to place an order for two Correa Axia Travelling column CNC milling machines and two Fox M Gantry CNC milling machines.

These will be installed over the next twelve months and gives WEC Group additional capacity and a large working envelope to cater for large components destined for Nuclear, Defence, Oil and Gas, Mining, Aerospace and Automotive.

“MACH 2024 has been one of the best yet and this deal with WEC Group has been a real highlight,” commented Andy Guy, Operations/Sales Director for DTS, the UK agent for Correa.

“Our relationship is based on the flexibility and industry-leading performance of the machines, as well as the technical expertise, support and training we can offer the customer on the ground in the UK.”

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