Welcome to the Education & Development Zone at MACH 2024

Encouraging young engineers into the manufacturing industry has sadly been a problem for some years now. Even prior to the pandemic there were concerns insufficient numbers were viewing the industry as a viable career option. With everything that has happened over the past four years, it is now more important than ever to change attitudes and emphasise the real benefits a career in manufacturing can offer.

At MACH, we understand the importance of inspiring the next generation of engineers. To give this the proper focus, MACH 2024 will have a dedicated Education & Development (E&D) Zone within which you find a host of exciting exhibits from organisers eager to encourage the next generation of UK engineers.

There will be special guided tours of the exhibition for students, and these will be led by apprentices and graduates working within the industry.

All the members of the Manufacturing Technologies Association and their employees are part of the supply chain that creates wealth for the UK. Every aspect of our lives is dependent on manufactured goods and engineered solutions; for that we can thank the machine tool. Every product we use or buy has to be manufactured, which can only happen if we have machines that can make those machines and parts.

What’s Featured in the E&D Zone at MACH 2024?

The E&D Zone at MACH 2024 will be hosted in Hall 17; there will be a fantasic range of exhibitors from different sections of the engineering industry, hands-on activities and more!

Please visit our E&D Exhibitors Page to find out more about who will be at the show, the activities on offer and to help you plan your visit.

Interested in Attending?

Official registration for the show is now live! If you would like to bring a school party to MACH use the button below to access the registration form.

What will registering your school do?

We will contact you as soon as registration goes live meaning you will get first pick of the available days to visit the show, hands on activities and tours.

We will also keep you posted with updates as to new educational resources and events in the lead up to the exhibition to help you ensure your students get the most out of their visit.

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