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The Manufacturing Technologies Association, the owner and organiser of the MACH 2024 exhibition, is advising potential exhibitors to sign up for the event now, following unprecedented demand for exhibition space at the show.

Despite the doors of MACH 2024 not opening for another eighteen months, the exhibition has already received strong support from MTA members with almost two-thirds of the exhibition space now sold.

The two ballots staged by the MTA so far have proved extremely positive, with members queuing up to exhibit at the exhibition. 

The third ballot, taking place in early November, is specifically for non-MTA members and the association’s advice for anyone planning on exhibiting is not to delay and to sign-up now in order to secure space for the show.

James Selka, CEO, MTA said: “In the current circumstances it is beyond encouraging to see so many companies pledging support for MACH 2024. It suggests the UK’s engineering and manufacturing technologies communities are remaining bullish, even in the face of mounting economic headwinds. 

“We had expected MACH 2022 to be a pivotal event as the industry looked to emerge from the pandemic in a strong position, but there is a strong argument for saying that MACH 2024 is even more critical to the future of UK manufacturing.

“With inflation continuing to rise, UK manufacturers need to implement the improvements to productivity that will yield greater rewards in the future. This is where MACH plays an important role as its ability to connect manufacturing engineers, decision makers, buyers and specifiers with suppliers of new technology, equipment, services and processes is unrivalled and we are already implementing steps that will ensure MACH 2024 is our best ever exhibition.”

MACH 2024 opens its doors at the NEC in Birmingham on 15th April 2024. The five-day event will feature the largest display of new machinery and manufacturing technologies under one roof in the UK. If, as expected, it follows the trend of previous exhibitions then transactions worth hundreds of millions of pounds are likely to be agreed.

An audience of more than 20,000 engineering and manufacturing sector visitors are already expected, with an overall attendance figure of circa 30,000 people. 
Results from MACH 2022 showed: 

  • 95% of exhibitors generated leads
  • Deals worth in excess of £180m were concluded (with many leads still being followed up)
  • 80% of exhibitors considered they had raised their profile
  • 77% of exhibitors considered they had improved relationships with their customers
  • 68% of visitors came to see view new products
  • 99% of visitors reported meeting their objectives
  • 44% of visitors did not attend any comparable trade exhibition

The beauty of the MACH event is that it is not just a five-day exhibition; it generates a strong pipeline of high-quality leads and opportunities that help generate sales long after the show has ended.

“In order to make the step change improvements in productivity and therefore competitiveness, manufacturers need only three things – technologies, the skill to acquire and deploy those technologies, and the finance to make it happen,” said Mr Selka. 

“Technologies have never been more powerful and affordable, the UK has an incredible reputation for its innovative and flexible workforce, and while financial incentives such as Super Deduction end next Spring, there is always the hope that new schemes will emerge.”

Companies interested in exhibiting in 2024 will find there is some great space still available, especially within focused zones, which are designed to improve wayfinding and the visitor experience.

Co-locating with MACH 2024 is the Engineering Supply Chain Show, sponsored by The Engineering Industries Association (EIA). Based in Hall 7, this new exhibition is for the main part, a response to the immediate needs of UK manufacturers and engineers for new opportunities. It also brings together a wider audience focused on capacity in the UK subcontracting and supply chain sectors.

It is the event where world-class suppliers, exclusively in the UK engineering and manufacturing supply chain, exhibit and is dedicated to helping buyers looking to source precision sub-contracting products and services from UK-based suppliers and has grown due to the need to expand the UK Supply Chain Zone, which was always a key part of the main MACH exhibition.

For 2024, the ESC show will include new specialist zones, with a strong focus on energy efficiency in the engineering supply chain, machine and equipment safety, motion control and sensors used in manufacturing.

It will feature a strong message around greener manufacturing, with UK-sourced goods and services helping to reduce goods miles.
Mr Selka said: “By 2024 we must all hope brighter times are ahead and as the industry looks to shape its own destiny, the MTA and EIA stand ready to assist manufacturers in any way they can. We expect MACH 2024 to make a positive contribution to future prosperity and we urge the engineering and manufacturing community to embrace opportunity and support the event by signing up to exhibit now.”

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