Shaver Industries Unveils Cutting-Edge Innovation:

Shaver Industries, a leading name in industrial safety solutions, is proud to announce the European launch of its innovative product, LZRTect. This cutting-edge offering introduces a new era of laser welding protection, combining versatility, innovation, and utmost

LZRTect represents a significant leap forward in laser welding safety. Its Retractable Laser Weld Screens are designed to provide reliable protection against lasers, sparks, heat, ultraviolet light, and flying debris. The key feature of LZRTect is its unparalleled versatility, allowing for quick and efficient movement to any welding location within a workspace.

The Retractable Laser Weld Screens boast a retractable system that extends up to 20 feet in length, automatically retracting with a spring tension roller. This design allows for multiple mounting locations, facilitating top access and ensuring a clear path for overhead cranes when rolled up. The durable construction and versatile design make LZRTect the go-to solution for welding protection in any industrial

Portable and durable, LZRTect’s screens can be swiftly moved to any welding location, eliminating the need for large stationary guards. This mobility comes without compromising protection against welding lasers, sparks, heat, ultraviolet light, and flying debris.

Features that set LZRTect Apart:

  • Easy Operation: LZRTect can be effortlessly pulled or retracted, ensuring steady protection during welding. The operator simply walks the guard from the roller tube to the J-hooks on the opposite side of the work cell.
  • Flexibility: The weld screen’s flexible design adapts to different environments and working conditions. Adjustable angles and width ensure optimal welding protection, making it an ideal solution for diverse welding needs.
  • Optimal Protection: Providing maximum irradiance of 250W/cm2 and protection against diffusion beams, LZRTect ensures the safety of both the operator and the work environment.
  • Mounting Options: With various mounting options such as wall mounts and mobile bases, LZRTect allows for easy
    mobility and diverse welding setups, providing adaptability in any workspace.
  • Designed for IPG LightWeld: LZRTect is specifically designed for the IPG LightWeld product, ensuring maximum compatibility and effectiveness.
  • Magnetic Interlock Integration: Seamless integration with a magnetic interlock enhances safety and security measures. Shaver Industries is thrilled to introduce LZRTect to the European market, delivering unmatched protection and adaptability for the ever-evolving welding landscape.

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About Shaver Industries:

Shaver Industries, a globally renowned industrial safety solutions provider, is at the forefront of environmental and machine protection expertise. Recognized for its commitment to innovation, Shaver consistently delivers cutting-edge products, setting industry benchmarks and elevating workplace safety and efficiency standards worldwide.


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