With a global focus on environmental protection and a reduction in energy consumption, SEYI’s mission is to produce a world-class servo press, utilising the latest technology to provide our customers with sophisticated, energy-saving and intelligent products. SEYI servo presses feature a Direct Drive transmission and a rigid frame design to reduce total clearance.


All SEYI servo motors are designed and manufactured specifically for press forming applications, using low revolution speed to produce extremely high levels of torque, at the same time retaining maximum efficiency with the pinion shaft integrated into the motor to provide a true Direct Drive transmission.


The Direct Drive servo technology can reduce energy consumption by up to 50% when compared to a traditional mechanical press and up to 75% when compared to a hydraulic press.


By combining the advantages of a hydraulic press’s fully programmable slide stroke with mechanical press speeds, manufacturers can control tonnage, speed and dwell at any point in the stroke, making it possible to form more complicated geometric parts, at the same time eliminate secondary operations. Dwell profiles can be programmed to eliminate material spring back in hi-tensile matierals and produce higher quality parts.


SEYI Direct Drive Servo Presses – Perform stamping applications such as drawing, blanking

progression, coining, etc, all on one servo press.

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