At MACH 2024, Schuler Service presents a new look with its new brand. The claim promises “Service made for you” and stands for proximity to the customer and a service tailored precisely to them. Schuler has a uniquely large product portfolio including our remote service 24/7, a stock of more than 10,000 items, our proximity to customers with over 40 service locations worldwide, our service centers with over 30 production machines, the Digital Suite with over 30 digital products and applications — to name just a few examples. With all these products and services, we want to generate benefits for our customers that they cannot get anywhere else and that also have a positive impact on their costs and sustainability.

Visitors to Schuler’s booth 6-480 can also learn more about our laser blanking lines which are highly flexible and extremely productive manufacturing systems. We use high-performance fiber lasers for the continuous cutting of coil material. The result is extremely high productivity, excellent cutting quality and impressive contour accuracy—especially where delicate body shell blanks are involved. DynamicFlow Technology makes it possible to cut different materials—including steel, aluminum, and high-strength steels—on a single production line. Thanks to DFT, cost-intensive blanking dies (along with their time-consuming repair) and the extensive storage space and crane logistics required wherever dies are used are no longer necessary.

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