Dear Exhibitors,

Another month has slipped past and here at the MTA offices we have seen a distinct increase in both logins to the E-Zone and technical questions so a big thank you to those of you starting your planning early.

For those of you who have not yet logged in, please do so! Aside from access to all the technical systems the E-Zone is also your opportunity to market your products and services to visitors to the MACH website and with the Visitor Campaign due to kick-off in earnest next month it is the perfect time to make sure your profile is up to date.

Another quick reminder; please register for the Exhibitor Information Day on 30th November – All sessions and refreshments are provided free of charge and it is full of key information on both marketing and show operation to help you prepare for the show.


Our next recommended task of the month is:

MACH TASK OF THE MONTH | October 2023 – Login to the Exhibitor Manual

Focus | Operations

TaskLogin to the Exhibitor Manual and start to familiarise yourself with the topics and content.
Why is it important?Following on form the ‘Heads Up’ announcing that the manual is live it is key that all our exhibitors become accustomed to accessing the manual and the information it contains.  

Whilst we will always try to respond to all exhibitor queries we are a small team and particularly closer to the show it can be quicker to look up the answers on the Exhibitor Manual.   Unless you have completed the compulsory forms found on the manual you will not be allowed on site for the MACH/ESC build.
How to guide/AdviceThe exhibitor manual link is now live via your E-zone profile and you can access it via the ‘Exhibitor Manual’ tab
Topics covered include:
-Access Schedules (including badges and PPE)
-Parking Systems
-Specific information for Shell/Space/ShowReady stand types
-An A-Z of FAQ  

If you click the ‘Show Information’ button on the home page of the manual you will find the second information menu with additional topics. You can use the search function at the top of the page to quickly find information on specific topics.

Please be aware that:
Not all the 2024 tariffs are available yet so not all the order forms are active.
The Manual and the MACH website are synchronised once a week so new exhibitors/users may not be able to log in immediately.

Contractor Access It is sometime helpful for your stand contractors to be able to access the information in the manual directly; a read only link that can be found here:   Exhibitors should however login to the manual via the E-Zone as the read only link will not save your progress or auto-fil details.    

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