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TaskReview Sponsorship Opportunities 
Why is it important?According to our surveys 80% of MACH exhibitors used the event to raise brand awareness and their company profile so clearly visibility at the show is a key part of the ROI.Sponsorship may not be right for all exhibitors but it is worth a quick review of the options available to see if it is a good fit for your company.
How to guide/Advice1) Think about what you want to achieve from a sponsorship opportunity such as:
a. Maximising onsite visibility with, for example, lanyard sponsorship or banners in the NEC atrium
b. Directional sponsorship using floortiles or YAH Boards to highlight your stand location
c. Advertising a product or service with a catalogue advert or NEC digital screens
2) Set a budget – there is a vast range of options so have a figure in mind when you are looking at the options
You can find the Sponsorship options available from the MTA in the attached brochure and opportunities on the NEC campus are available here:
If you would like to check availability of any particular options or need more details then please email [email protected] and we will be able to help.
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