Meusburger’s product range includes numerous standard, precision and round bars suitable for universal application, opening up a wealth of possibilities for its customers. The standard parts manufacturer also uses the very best raw materials which are heat-treated for stress relief, giving customers the best quality bars. Thanks to 100% in-house production and vast warehouse capacities, Meusburger can guarantee its customers the fastest lead times.


Meusburger not only provides lots of potential combinations of widths, lengths and thicknesses for its bars, customers can also choose from a wide selection of material grades. Standard bars are available with lengths of 300, 500, 800 and 1200 mm and many different widths up to 800 mm. The width and length are sawn with an allowance (+4/+6 mm) and the thickness is precisely segment ground to size. Meusburger also offers precision bars in various dimensions and steel grades from stock. In contrast to the standard bars, the width of the precision bars is also parallel-milled to tight tolerances. The allowance for the thickness (+0.40/+0.45 mm) makes it simple to perform heat treatment with subsequent grinding on both the standard bars and the precision bars. The standard parts manufacturer also offers round bars as a primary material for inserts, mould cores, cutting punches and various aspects of machine and jig construction, in different lengths of 16 to 1500 mm. Customers can even order hardened round bars in lengths of 100 and 250 mm and ø 20, ø 25, ø 30, ø 40 and ø 60 mm from stock. There is also a handy and user-friendly material selection wizard with user-based search filters to help customers choose the correct material grade from the wide selection available.


To ensure it provides bars of the very best quality, Meusburger not only produces its plates in house, it also has its own furnaces with a total capacity of 240 tonnes. Uniform cooling is crucial when subjecting the various steel grades to stress-relieving heat treatment. The slow and continuous cooling of 35 °C per hour ensures uniform cooling of the core and surface zones of the sheet metal and thus prevents the build-up of new tension. The microstructure and the mechanical strength remain unchanged during this process, guaranteeing low-deformation processing of the bars. Hard points in the microstructure are eliminated, avoiding the risk of abrupt tool breakages. Thanks to the smaller allowance, customers benefit from faster processing times and a longer tool service life. As such, the stress-relieving heat treatment not only speeds up throughput times and increases precision, it also cuts costs further down the line. The starting material plays a crucial role in mould and die making, which is why the sheet metal is subjected to a spectral analysis and a strength test before the stress-relieving heat treatment takes place. Meusburger also deploys one of the most accurate items of measuring equipment available on the market during the final quality check.


Meusburger has the largest central standard parts warehouse at its headquarters in Austria. Covering some 18,000 m², it means the company can guarantee its customers a product availability rate of 99%. Like all items from the range, the bars are also picked in the shortest possible time and sent to customers via optimally networked logistic partners. This means that Meusburger can guarantee the shortest possible lead times – even for configurable custom widths. The thickness of the bars is parallel-ground to size, making the subsequent machining both cost-effective and fast. Customers don’t lose any time and can implement their projects as quickly as possible.

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