M-O-8 Specialities Ltd, a company at the forefront of sustainable practices, have been supplying its Green Machining Range of advanced cutting oils and lubricants for over 15 years.

As the global focus on sustainability and safety in business operations intensifies, the transition away from petroleum-based mineral oil in manufacturing processes is gaining significant importance. Conventional mineral oil-based lubricants have been staples in machining procedures for years, but their adverse environmental and health effects are now prompting a shift towards eco-friendly alternatives sourced from renewable origins. This transition not only satisfies regulatory mandates but also elevates a company’s image as a conscientious corporate entity. By adopting sustainable lubrication solutions in machine shops, businesses are taking proactive measures towards a cleaner future and safer working conditions for all stakeholders involved.

The GM Range of sustainable oils offers numerous advantages that can greatly improve industrial operations. When used in Sliding Head Machines, Tool Grinders and various other machining applications, these oils provide exceptional lubrication and cooling properties, which are essential for efficient machining operations. Particularly when working with tough materials such as alloyed steels, nickel alloys, titanium and carbide.

By incorporating our GM-Cut Range of renewable oils into your operations, businesses can champion environmental sustainability and bolster operator safety by mitigating misting and exposure to hazardous substances. These innovative oils boast safer properties that eliminates the need for labelling requirements under CLP regulations, even at levels below 20.5cSt. The Green Machining Range offer a
secure option as they remain unclassified, regardless of viscosity. Furthermore, the cutting-edge formulation of these oils are
engineered to extend tool life, decrease consumption through a heightened viscosity index, and optimise overall efficiency during
manufacturing processes. Additionally, the higher flash point of these oils minimizes flammability risks, contributing to a safer working environment.

In conclusion, the GM range of vegetable based oils not only aligns with principles of cost-effectiveness, environmental sustainability, and improved workplace safety, but also provides a comprehensive solution for businesses looking to optimise their operations and achieve substantial financial benefits, while taking proactive steps towards a more sustainable and safer working environment. M-O-8’s expertise in utilising environmentally friendly materials can help your business align with green initiatives and take significant steps towards achieving your sustainability goals, whilst maintaining high-quality machining standards and meeting industry regulations

If you are considering or interested in joining the growing number of businesses across the UK who have already made the change then please come and see us at Mach 2024 Stand 18-120 and see how M-O-8 can help your company move forward to a more sustainable and safer future.


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