Engenuity Midlands Engineering Network exemplifies Irish ingenuity in action, fostering a collaborative hub of diverse knowledge and expertise among its member companies. Our collective strength lies in delivering quality-assured and competitively priced engineered solutions that span a wide array of markets and industries.

Functioning as an exchange forum and cohesive network, our primary goal is to facilitate meaningful connections, knowledge-sharing, and joint commercial activities among our members. Through organized events, we create opportunities for members to share experiences, explore best practices on specific topics, host guest speakers, conduct member presentations, workshops, and facilitate both physical and virtual networking. This ensures that member companies not only learn from each other but also access valuable support from peers and stakeholder organizations.

Currently comprising 56 member companies with expertise spanning various sectors, Engenuity Midlands Engineering Network is a dynamic force in the industry.

From tailor-made precision machining and fabrication services to cutting-edge automation, robotics, process control, energy solutions, and comprehensive design services, the Engenuity Engineering network offers a comprehensive suite of capabilities. Our member companies are dedicated to supplying components, turnkey solutions, and machinery to sectors such as Medical, Pharmaceutical, Food, Oil & Gas, Construction, and Agriculture, both domestically and internationally, notably in the UK.

Whether it’s the production of intricate machined components or the fabrication of large tanks, vessels, and complex structures, we leverage state-of-the-art technologies such as laser welding, laser & plasma cutting, CNC machining, and traditional engineering techniques when necessary. Additionally, our expertise extends to integrated industrial gas supply and monitoring systems.

Several of our member companies specialise in delivering high-quality stainless steel solutions, meeting the stringent requirements of industries like food, pharmaceuticals, and chemical processing. The Midlands Engineering Network stands ready to fulfil engineering application needs, whether they be small-scale precision requirements or large-scale industrial projects.

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