Elevate your metrology capabilities to new heights with the Bruker Alicona G6. 

 The Bruker Alicona G6 metrology system has made its debut in the UK, featuring the advanced “Smart Eye” optical sensor as the foundation of its precise measurement capabilities.   

 With the ability to measure surface finish down to Ra, Rq, Rz/Sa, Sq, Sz on most surfaces, and operate as a CMM to provide XY dimensional data, this system is a game-changer.   

 Its advanced vertical surface probing and focus probing capabilities allow for the measurement of both internal and external vertical walls, while the Real3D function offers 360° degree measurement of complex micro geometries.  

 Automated measurements are possible through the use of the MetMax software in combination with a CAD model. The device’s operator interface is user-friendly and intuitive, eliminating the need for extensive metrology expertise, and making it a valuable addition to all metrology labs.   

 The Bruker Alicona G6 utilizes well-established, future-proof technologies that are regularly updated to meet the demands of modern metrology labs.  

 To learn more about this cutting-edge technology,  

please visit https://optimaxonline.com/non-contact-metrology/non-contact-metrology-surface-roughness or contact us directly at +44 (0) 1858 436940​.  

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