Ales Pres, as one of the leading press manufacturers in its sector, provides high-quality mechanical presses, including Eccentric, Link Drive, Knuckle Joint, and Servo presses, to both local and international markets.

With a manufacturing legacy spanning four generations, Ales Pres has successfully become a highly sought-after press manufacturer for global-scale companies.

Ales Pres offers a diverse range of presses used to manufacture a wide array of products, including automotive chassis and components, electric motor laminations, application parts, structural elements, electrical and electronic components, connectors, terminals, and household products. Ales Pres is continually evolving and expanding, and it currently holds a strong market presence in both Europe and North America, with a global footprint spanning more than 40 countries worldwide.

Ales Pres provides a comprehensive selection of Mechanical Presses, ranging from 100 tons up to 2000 tons, featuring 1, 2, and 4 connecting rod configurations, supporting Gap Frames, Straight Sides, single and double-point configurations to accommodate a wide range of applications. Our offerings include both monoblock and tie-rod frame designs, as well as various drive systems such as single or Double Helical Gear Drive, Link Drive, Knuckle Joint Drive, and Servo Drive.

Additionally, depending on specific application requirements, Ales Pres offers back-to-front drive or center drive with left-to-right crankshaft models. These capabilities and flexibilities enable us to tailor our presses to suit customer applications, whether for larger parts requiring higher tonnage or for progressive or transfer applications.

With single and double-helical geared drive systems, as well as link motion drives, each press can be customized and aligned precisely to meet customer specifications.

Ales Pres’s Link Motion series presses are precision machines suitable for large, heavy-tonnage die tooling with multiple precision stages in deep drawing, blanking, piercing, bending, and forming for both single and progressive stamping.

Ales Pres’s series of stamping presses are constructed as monoblock or tie-rod systems to minimize deflection, ensure accurate parts, and promote machine durability.

Depending on project requirements, we employ either a pneumatic clutch and brake or a Hydraulic-type clutch and brake system. These options offer efficient, high torque, fast actuation, low power consumption, and environmentally friendly performance.

Ales Pres intends to use hydraulically actuated clutch and brake systems, which provide the same benefits mentioned above, in addition to low inertia, soft engagement, and recirculating hydraulic oil cooling for increased durability.

Furthermore, Ales Pres specializes in the design and manufacture of custom Servo Presses. These presses offer advanced slide and stroke control, reduced die and tool wear, and low energy consumption for stamping applications in auto parts, consumable electronics, and household appliances. Servo Presses manufactured by Ales Pres are ideally suited for high-precision stamping operations that require complex slide movements, programmable stroke heights, and adjustable forming speeds.

Thanks to our technology utilizing pendulum curves, productivity can be doubled, resulting in time and energy savings.

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