Innovative companies developing the emerging technologies that will help to shape the future of the UK’s manufacturing industry are getting their own showcase at MACH 2022.

The AI Innovation Zone, supported by Made Smarter Innovation, showcases the work of 12 start up and scale ups utilising the power of data analytics, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Machine Learning (ML) to turbo charge digital technology innovations – enabling manufacturers to be more productive and sustainable.

Exhibitors in the Al Innovation Zone are*


IntelliumAI is an AI-for-Engineering deep tech company based in Bristol-UK helping manufacturers benefit from accelerated AI adoption. It makes complex AI technology accessible to all engineers by simplifying, standardising and automating the process of applying AI to a wide range of business challenges including improving productivity and industrial sustainability.

Visit IntelliumAI on Stand 6-820a

Productive Machines

Productive Machines is on a mission to maximise the productivity of machine tools. Its web-based solution delivers insight into the machining process to overcome process induced problems such as poor surface finish, low dimensional accuracy, instability.

Visit Productive Machines on Stand 6-820b

Ada Mode

Ada Mode builds AI, machine learning and data analytics powered solutions for industrial operators. Its Atlas digital twin platform enables deployment of its advanced condition monitoring technology, development of bespoke systems for dynamic optimisation of manufacturing processes, and continuous assessment of OA/OEE. 

Visit Ada Mode on Stand 820c


Intellegens applies machine learning to accelerate innovation in chemicals, materials, and manufacturing. Its Alchemite™ software extracts value from real-world, sparse, noisy experimental and process data. Customers optimise products, reduce the time and cost associated with experiments by up to 90%, and increase the efficiency and quality of their processes. 

Visit Intellegens on Stand 6-820d


PolyChord has been able to apply next-generation data science to inform decisions about trade-offs in nuclear plant design, demonstrating significant advantages over conventional algorithms. It now looks to apply the technique, successful in digital simulations for the UKAEA, to other manufacturing ops and design processes.

Visit PolyChord on Stand 6-820e


JetSoft is a software and data company specialising in quality data. It works with world leading advanced manufacturing organisations to harness the value of their quality control data to drive intelligent change, resulting in increased productivity and improved commercial performance.
​JetSoft’s solutions capture, aggregate and cleanse inspection data, integrating this valuable information with other manufacturing data and systems.

Visit JetSoft on Stand 6-820f


Aurora-AI brings a new level of intelligence to air travel. The company works with some of the world’s largest airports, which use its technology to securely validate millions of journeys. The company has spent many years at the forefront of bringing Artificial Intelligence solutions to real-world environments. Its aim is to deliver further security, efficiency and planning capability to aviation customers by continually developing these solutions.

Visit Aurora-AI on Stand 6-820h


DONAA, a member of the Digital Catapult, delivers a powerful tool to detect defects in real-time during 3D printing, using a camera. This enables users to save costs and protect the environment. Operating a SAAS (Software-as-a-Service) model, its software includes real-time defect detection, repeatability monitoring and simple integration.

Visit DONAA on Stand 6-820i

Tangent Works

Tangent Works offers the next generation of Machine Learning capabilities with its TIM InstantML technology. TIM InstantML is fully automated, accurate, fast and explainable, enabling the delivery of valuable insights at scale. It will be explaining to visitors how it can solve their business challenges using its forecasting or anomaly detection solutions.

Visit Tangent Works on Stand 6-820j

Supply Vue

Supply Vue provides a leading-edge supply chain management software that is part of a new wave of tools that apply advanced analytics and data processing to add an ‘intelligence layer’ to existing ERP/planning solutions. A single platform from which you can diagnose, synchronise/optimise and model plans – make decisions, drive actions and track performance. 

Visit Supply Vue on Stand 6-820k


TOffeeAM is a robust multi-objective multi-physics topology optimisation platform with a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) model that is used to automate the design and optimisation processes for engineering components such as heat exchangers, thermal management systems, valves, cold plates, structural parts, and more, to maximise their performance.

Visit TOffeeAM on Stand 6-820m


Authentise is targeting industrial engineering and manufacturing businesses looking to make their operations more agile. It delivers tangible manufacturing improvement via data-driven process automation software. It has been working with companies like Boeing, Ricoh, 3M, Danfoss, and others to improve flexibility, productivity and compliance, while reducing resource utilisation and cost.

Visit Authentise on Stand 6-820n

Made Smarter was created following an industry-led review of how UK manufacturing industries can prosper through digital tools and innovation. It is leading the UK’s ambitious plans to grow manufacturing through digital technologies, innovation and skills.

The organisation is a partnership of specialists who, together, form an unrivalled network of deep technical knowledge, breadth of expertise, and a firm understanding of how innovation works in business. It specialises in cross-sector collaboration and at the interfaces of technologies to make connections and foster collaborations of unusual suspects.

The Made Smarter AI Innovation Zone is located on Stand 6-820.

*Please be advised that some exhibitors will only be present on certain days of the show.

Ada Mode – Tuesday and Wednesday

Aurora-AI – Thursday

Authentise – Tuesday

DONAA – Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

Intellegens – Tuesday and Wednesday

IntelliumAI – Tuesday and Wednesday

JetSoft – Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

PolyChord – Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

Productive Machines – Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

Supply Vue – Wednesday and Thursday

Tangent Works – Tuesday, Wednesday and ThursdayTOffeeAM – Wednesday and Thursday

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