EviXscan FinePrecision 3D Scanner – New to the UK market

The eviXscan 3D FinePrecision is a high-resolution scanner based on the structured light principle. It features 2 high speed cameras that allow fast geometry measurement of small, high precision objects such as micro rotors, small injection elements, precise numerically machined components or used in small feature 3D printing.

FinePrecision is also ideal for scanning small implants, in prosthetics, watchmaking and in jewellery. The precision of the scanner also allows it to be used to optimise the 3D printing process.

The combination of high-speed cameras and the next generation of DLP light projection system, whose signal triggers the cameras every time a new pattern is displayed, allows to limit the scan acquisition time to several hundred milliseconds.

The measurement range of FinePrecision is 120 x 60 x 32mm, although the measurement range is smaller than other models in the eviXscan range it has very high-performance numbers with resolution down to 0.006mm with a point density of 1233 pt/mm2 . The scanning accuracy, verified to VDI/VDE 2634, Part 2, 4.1 Ps is up to 0.007mm, the light source is Blue LED, and the minimum scanning time is 1.2 seconds.

These parameters allow the analysis of surface microdamage, existence of dents occurring during the manufacturing process as well as errors in the production process.

FinePrecision is very versatile and can be easily integrated with robots and cobots on production lines.


The eviXscan 3D Suite 2.8 software is supplied with the FinePrecision with a complete suite of tools.

For Reverse engineering, Quality Control and Rapid prototyping the eviXscan provides a rapid high resolution measurement solution to industry supported, in the UK, by Optimax Imaging and Inspection.

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