Education & Development Zone

Welcome to the Education & Development pages of the MACH 2020 website

At MACH, we understand the importance of inspiring the next generation of engineers.  MACH 2020 will have an Education & Development (E&D) Zone and also provides guided tours for students around the exhibition, led by apprentices and graduates working within the industry.

These web pages are dedicated to students and teachers interested in engineering-based manufacturing and the associated technologies.

Everything has to be manufactured - from the contact lenses and toothbrush you use first thing in the morning, to the cornflakes in your bowl, right through to the car or bus you use to travel to work or college, as well as your PlayStation and mobile phone.

All the members of the Manufacturing Technologies Association and their employees are part of the supply chain that creates wealth for Great Britain. Every aspect of our lives is dependent on manufactured goods and engineered solutions; for that we can thank the machine tool. Every product we use or buy has to be manufactured, which can only happen if we have machines that can make those machines and parts.

You can view an extensive glossary of machine tools and manufacturing processes here, many of which can be found at MACH 2020.