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Why Exhibit in the UK?

The UK is open for business.

The UK is keen to maintain its longstanding relationships with their EU counterparts and worldwide after the turbulent Brexit and COVID years.

The UK has a vibrant engineering- based manufacturing sector which is an essential part of its balanced thriving economy. The manufacturing technology industry is at the forefront of change with the adoption of the Industry 4.0 Industrial Revolution and the vital role in transitioning to a greener economy. The UK Government is spending millions of pounds in research and development, and is offering UK companies a new Super-deduction tax incentive, to allow UK manufacturers to invest in new plant and machinery, in order that the UK can make a positive competitive contribution to globalisation.

For a more detailed look at UK manufacturing technology, the MTA has published the 2021 edition of its Basic Facts Booklet which sets out some outline market data of the sector.

MACH is the UK's national engineering and manufacturing exhibition

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Why Exhibit in the UK?

Reasons to Exhibit

Interested in Exhibiting with us?

MACH 2022 will be the UK’s premier showcase of manufacturing technologies where you can promote your products to a live audience of thousands. 
To enquire about stand space or request further information about exhibiting please complete this form or contact one of our agents below if your business is located in one of these markets.



The official agent for China is:

CCPIT Machinery Sub-Council

Helene Ye

✆ +86-10-83275550



The official agent for Germany is:

Balland Messe-Vertrieb GmbH

Moritz Flebbe

✆ +49 221 94 86 45 16




The official agent for Turkey is:

Atlas Expo

Emine Özhan Günes

✆ +90 212 299 29 28


Italian Flag

The official agent for Italy is:

Exhibition Special Projects Ltd

Andrea Caselli

✆ +39 055 284 292



The official agent for India is:

Exhibition Special Projects Ltd




Rest of the World


The official agent for the Rest of the World is:


Byron Pardo

✆ +44 7825 585864

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