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Exhibitor FAQs

Q What is space only?

A: The term 'Space Only' is used to describe the stand option where you rent floor space only and arrange for your own stand construction (including floor coverings). Space Only stands do come with the full marketing support offered to all exhibitors at MACH, as well as stand cleaning and first lift of exhibits free of charge.

Q What is shell scheme?

A: The term 'Shell Scheme' is used to describe the stand option where the organiser arranges for a basic stand to be constructed for you; the floor space is provided with walling, carpet, basic electrics, fascia and name board.

Q How do the electrics, air and water supplies get to a stand?

A: The floor plan is designed so that each block of stands will fall over service ducts which run throughout the halls at 6m intervals. These are used for all utility supplies from fibre optics to compressed air.

You can access the technical floor plans via the Contractor Zone.

Q How high can stands be built?

A: Space Only stands can be built up to 4m for any stand fitting, towers, banners, graphics, etc. Shell Scheme exhibitors are requested to keep displays to within the height of the stand (normally 2.5m). There is no restriction on the height of actual machines (not replicas) displayed on either Space Only or Shell Scheme stands.

The full stand build regulations can be down loaded here.

Q Can exhibitors build their own stand?

A: We recommend that exhibitors do not build their own stand, MACH is a CDM site and all materials and building practices must be consistent with the strict safety regulations demanded by the MTA and this is more easily acheived by a professional stand build company

Q Who is the MTA?

A:  The Manufacturing Technologies Association (MTA) is the premier UK trade association representing the engineering and allied sectors, who lead the world in manufacturing technologies. We represent UK companies and their associates who drive UK manufacturing, technology, innovation and quality.

Q Who owns the MTA?

A: As a trade association the members own the MTA, which supports MACH’s claim to be run for the industry by the industry. An active  Exhibition Committee, representing a variety of MTA members and MACH exhibitors, closely guides management policy and show direction.

Q Who is the AEO?

A: The Association of Event Organisers (AEO) is the UK trade body for exhibition organisers and includes all the other industry sectors (venues, service suppliers & contractors). More details can be found at

Q Who is ESSA?

A: The Event Supplier and Services Association (ESSA) represents the myriad of stand design and construction companies vying to assist Space Only exhibitors with their stands. ESSA offers a bond, which ensures that should an ESSA company get into any difficulty and be unable to build / finish a client’s stand, ESSA will step in and guarantee the stand is delivered.

Q How long has MACH been running?

A: MACH has been running since 1912 and remains the UK’s largest manufacturing event. 

Q Are electrics included?

A: Basic power and lighting is provided for Shell Scheme stands only. Space Only exhibitors must use the appointed electrical contractors for the show to provide and install all the exhibit power and stand lighting. Details of the appointed contractors can be found within the online manual, which may be accessed through the Exhibitor Zone once this area is active.

Q Who cleans the stands at night?

A: All accessible areas of the stands are cleaned at night by the NEC’s appointed cleaning contractor; exhibitors are responsible for the cleaning of exhibits and machinery, although a free swarf removal service operates each evening.

Q Do exhibitors have to pay for parking?

A: Each stand is allocated a number of free exhibitor parking passes based on stand area; these passes are valid for the entire exhibition period. Any additional parking spaces required may be purchased via the NEC website

Q What is meant by 'free lift of first exhibit' for space only exhibitors?

A: Part of the inclusive package offered to Space Only exhibitors is the free lift of the first machine or exhibit.The first lift means simply taking an unpacked / un-palletted machine off the vehicle and placing it exactly into position on the stand, and the reverse after the exhibition. Not included is the lifting of any stand or display material, or the re-location or assembly of exhibits. Any alterations made after this first lift will incur a cost to the customer.

Q Are there any set back regulations?

Yes, these are particularly applicable to Space Only exhibitors who will be constructing their own stands. A full copy of the stand build regulations can be accessed here, with set back regulations located in Section 3. 

Q Can we bring our own furniture and floral displays?

A: Modern furniture and floral displays, as commonly used in the office environment, may be utilised at MACH. Provided that displays are of the same high standard of materials and fire retardant standards as expected within an exhibition, exhibitors may bring their own. Any such items must be removed from the exhibition halls in line with the breakdown schedule.

Q When can we start setting up our stands/exhibits?

A: Full details of the build up schedule will be available within the exhibitor manual and via the  Contractor Zone as soon as they have been finalised.

Q What are the break down dates?

A: Full breakdown details for MACH 2022 will follow in due course. Limited breakdown by exhibitors only will be permitted after the exhibition closes; please see the timetable within the Contractor Zone for more detailed information. 

Q Is there sufficient time to commission / de-commission exhibits?

A: Machines can be commissioned during build up. De-commissioning takes place for two hours after the close of the show.

Q Does the NEC own / organise MACH?

A: No. The NEC simply provides the venue for the exhibition, renting the halls to the MTA. MACH’s management, policies and objectives are all under the control of the MTA with the support of the Exhibition Committee.

Q How many invites will be given to exhibitors?

The MACH Exhibition is free to attend, so no specified number of invites are allocated to each exhibitor. Once visitor registration has opened exhibitors may direct their clients or customers to this MACH website. There will be a link on the Home Page to register for your free ticket; there is no limit to the number of people you invite.

Q What support is the organiser able to give inexperienced or first time exhibitors?

A: The MTA is committed to assisting first time exhibitors, please contact  Nicola Harrison for advice and support.

Q Are there any training days planned?

A: The MTA will organise an 'exhibitor training day' targeted to be held in 2021. This will be an opportunity to meet the contractors who provide services to the show and ask them questions, there will also be a session on exhibition tips and techniques to help exhibitors and their staff get the most out of MACH

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