Good Afternoon Exhibitors,

Before I start in about the timescales for the show a quick note about emails; I’ll be sending out three different types in the lead up to the show each designed to do something a little bit different:

Notes From the Organiser – returning exhibitors will be familiar with these, they are longer format emails with more detailed information about the show, advice and context. A bit like blog posts for those who want a bit more insight into the show systems.

Task of the Month – New for 2024 these are monthly suggested activities to help you get prepared for the show in advance and try and relieve some of the crunch that occurs in the final run up to the show.

Heads Up!  – These are quick information emails warning of a deadline date or other critical piece of information.

I’ll try not to send more than 1 of each per month but they may get a bit more frequent in January when more deadlines are up. We are in the process of building a newsletter archive on the website so you can refer to any message you need to – I’ll send a Heads Up! When this is available.

Right, onto timescales…

I’m aware that the lack of continuity between MACH 2018 and MACH 2022 has created confusion; people have taken on new roles, handovers have been difficult and the way everyone works has changed. For 2024 therefore we are trying to build our exhibitors knowledge base around the exhibition to help you plan effectively.

Resources Available Now:

  • Technical Plans
  • Basic Access Timetable
  • Shell Scheme Technical Specification
  • Logins to populate information on the MACH website

[All the above can be found hosted in the Contractor Zone page of the MACH website or if you need a reminder of your login detail email [email protected] ]

Available when the exhibitor manual launches (target end of September):

  • Order forms and tariffs for external services (electrics, lifting, internet, compressed air etc…)
  • Access to data capture systems
  • Registration forms for visitors
  • List of key deadlines for advertising/marketing

In the two weeks before the show we will send out to you:

  • Exhibitor Parking Passes
  • CDM Wristbands
  • Exhibitor Badges

Kind regards,


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