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TaskDownload the show marketing collateral and consider your marketing strategy
Why is it important?Making sure that your clients and prospects are aware you are at the show is a key part of your ROI. As organisers we have a very robust visitor campaign but notifications from exhibitors carry a lot of weight so make it easy for your network to know you are going to be there and make it easy for them to share/invite their networks as well.
How to guide/AdviceStep 1 is to visit the ‘Promoting Your Presence’ page on the MACH website. Here you will find logos, email footers banners etc… that you can use to start promoting the fact you are exhibiting.   We also make sector specific footers for those of you in a product zone.   We can also supply the MACH logo in plain black or white so email us if you need those versions.  

Step 2 to more advice than task… We are getting into summer when things are sometimes a bit slower, if you have the capacity now is the time to plan your show marketing:  
Draft your invitation emails to customers
Plan your social media content
Get any images, video content and adverts designed  

I’ll be sending a Heads Up when registration soft launches in September.  

Video marketing is one of the best promotional tools there is and is also a great way to preserve the impact of your stand and the buzz of the show after the exhibition ends.

The MTA have also teamed up with MTDCNC for MACH 2024 to provide exclusive discounts to our exhibitors. If you would like some expert help getting your MACH campaign off to a flying start then check out the pdf below for more information on the various bundles, pricing and how to contact them.

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