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MACH 2020 - the perfect platform for you and your customers

20 Nov 2019

MACH 2020 - the perfect platform for you and your customers

With the plethora of trade shows worldwide these days, choosing the right one to exhibit at - both for your own business and for your customers - is not always straightforward. Unless of course, you operate in the UK manufacturing technology industry; then the choice is easy.

MACH 2020 is the UK's largest manufacturing technology exhibition and offers major benefits to both exhibitors and visitors alike, not the least of which, is the sheer scope of the event.

Being able to display your full range of products or services in one place makes the exhibition one any business operating in the manufacturing technologies sector cannot miss.

Mills CNC has been a frequent exhibitor at the show -- and it returns time and time again because the exhibition not only provides the perfect platform for it to showcase its products, it also delivers on customer expectations.

Tony Dale, Technical Director, Mills CNC is a major advocate of the event -- and here's why.

"MACH is the UK's largest manufacturing technology exhibition and the beauty of the exhibition is that it allows us to have a large stand where we can display our full range of machines. We view it as an essential part of a larger, two-year promotional strategy," he says.

For MACH 2020, Mills CNC will be displaying 18 different machines on its stand -- many of them new to the UK market and therefore, the first opportunity for most people to see them live.

The extra capacity also gives the company a wider scope to target growth areas -- in the case of Mills CNC this is Industrial Automation.

"Industrial automation is a major growth area for the business, so the re-seller agreement we concluded with Doosan Robotics at the beginning of the year is an important development for us and will feature prominently at the show," said Mr Dale.

Therefore, having a wide range of products on display means that customers can come and view the machines and experience for themselves exactly what they are capable of.

"Our customers like to come and see the new machines performing so they can decide for themselves if they are right for their business," said Mr Dale.

"You can read all the brochures you like but there's no substitute to seeing a live demonstration of the machine. Exhibiting at MACH allows us to demonstrate all our machines so our customers can see them in action and gauge them against competing products."

From a customer perspective, many may not have the time to visit three or four different suppliers. But when all your preferred suppliers are in one place then it's that much easier to make your decision.

"2018 was extremely successful for us -- both in terms of orders on the stand and future pipeline. If we can replicate that MACH 2020 then we will be very happy," concluded Mr Dale.

Visit Mills CNC and hundreds of other companies at MACH 2020 to discover the latest in manufacturing technologies.

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