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Live demonstrations offer the best solutions

10 Feb 2020

Live demonstrations offer the best solutions

The huge scope offered by MACH 2020 provides unrivalled opportunities for machine tool manufacturers and engineering companies to showcase their full range of products and services to potential buyers. Many firms return to the show time and time again for this very reason, often bringing with them a complete catalogue of products to exhibit at the event.

The ability to see live demonstrations of the equipment is vitally important; after all, why would anyone buy a piece of equipment without first seeing what it can do.

Sliding head technology specialist, Star GB is a frequent visitor to the show and favours the demonstration option to highlight the functionality of its machines.

Alec Warner, Operations Manager, Star GB said: “As with previous MACH exhibitions, we’ve got a large stand and we’ll be making sure there are plenty of live demonstrations. We don’t put any machines into ghost mode, we always make sure they are cutting metal and making interesting parts.

“There are still a lot of people out there that don’t appreciate what sliding head technology can do for their business. We have been the market leader in the UK for several years and MACH 2020 is another chance for us to demonstrate exactly how we can help people.

“Customers can rest assured that the machines they buy from Star are high quality and will last them a very long time, be very efficient and improve their productivity by making their processes more efficient.”

The company will also be demonstrating why the use of new innovative technology is playing an important part in helping to improve productivity.

“With the SMOOSSi (Star Monitoring & Operator Support System) machine monitoring software, if you can measure it, then you can improve it,” said Mr Warner. “SMOOSSi is a web-based application which allows users to remotely monitor machine status, part count, production rate and history via smart phone, tablet or PC. With the amount of information that software can offer you, then it will improve efficiency by offering more visibility to the live data coming from the machine.”

With its strong focus on the benefits of new technology, MACH 2020 is the ideal event to showcase such technology.

“At MACH it’s like having eight turnkeys all in one place,” added Mr Warner. “When people see the level of technology that goes into producing these components then they are very impressed with our ability to be a complete turnkey solutions provider.”

Join Star GB and hundreds of other suppliers at MACH 2020 to discuss how to increase your productivity.

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