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How to meet the key decision makers

31 Jan 2020

How to meet the key decision makers

The ability of the MACH exhibition to place businesses in direct contact with key decision makers within the manufacturing and engineering industries has been paramount to the event’s success down the years. For 2020 that relationship will continue and companies exhibiting during the show are keen to take advantage of the unique opportunities afforded them.

Craftsman Tools is a keen exponent of the event and has been exhibiting at the show for the past four decades, often because of the relationships it has helped to foster by appearing at the exhibition.

Robert Johnson, Managing Director, Craftsman Tools explained why the MACH exhibition was so important to his business.

“We have been exhibiting at MACH for over 40 years and it’s our most important exhibition. This is because developing relationships with new and existing customers is vital to the success of a business and at MACH, the people who visit are often key decision makers,” he said.

“There are also a lot of international visitors to the show and this is a good chance to demonstrate to them our products in use on other people’s machines. Our aim is to develop the longer term relationship – not ones that last for weeks or months, but for years. We have met a lot of our customers at MACH down the years, many of which we’re still doing business with now.”

Whilst the ability to meet potential customers is important, Craftsman also use the exhibition to decide on important purchasing decisions.

“Down the years we have based many important purchasing decisions on what we have seen at MACH. We have made decisions to buy many Mazak and Doosan machines, and we recently bought a new Matsuura machine,” said Mr Johnson.

“We had been discussing the machine we might buy ahead of the show and we were able to look at the machine during the show and discuss it with various people from Matsuura and take our people down to Matsuura to look at it so we could decide if it was the right machine for Craftsman to buy. But visiting the show enabled us to make the final decision.”

With the increase in the Annual Investment Allowance to £1 million, Mr Johnson said it was a great time for businesses to consider new purchases.

“For people who might be thinking of investing in capital equipment then now is a great time to take advantage of the capital allowance as it’s never been this high before and MACH is a great showcase for these machines,” he said.

Another benefit to the firm of exhibiting at MACH is the opportunity to improve staff development. The Yorkshire firm will take its apprentices to the exhibition so they can see the state-of-the-art technology in action, helping them with their training and improving their career progression. Technical staff such as designers and production engineers are also encouraged to visit the exhibition so they can keep abreast of what’s happening in the machine tool market, helping the firm maintain its competitive advantage.

Join Craftsman Tools and hundreds of other suppliers at MACH 2020 to discuss how to increase your productivity.

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