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Hints & Tips For Selecting Ballot Stands

10 Aug 2018

Hints & Tips For Selecting Ballot Stands

Nicola Harrison
MACH 2020 Ballot Plans

Picking your stand choices for the show is never easy and with a fresh layout and new zones it is no wonder that even experienced exhibitors may be hesitating over where to go.

With that in mind we have compiled a few hints and tips to keep in mind when completing your application form.

Don’t be afraid to get customising!

If a stand isn’t quite what you want then consider shifting a boundary line, combining it with another or splitting it down.

Customised stands

There are rules and regulations about what you can and cannot do but if something is not quite what you want then ask us for a modification and if it is within the rules we will be happy to help.

Consider applying to be in a product zone

MACH 2020 has a wide range of targeted product zones and there are a number of advantages to exhibiting in a zone which is dedicated to your sector:

  • It will help visitors find you – visitors as well as exhibitors are still adjusting to MACH in its new home - the zones are marked on maps and have overhead banners to help guide your clients right to you.
  • It will tell people right away what your products and services relate to and therefore encourage brand awareness.
  • You will benefit from the zone-specific marketing and advertising put in place in the lead up to the exhibition.
  • Zones are non-ballot space; you can book right now and take the lottery out of the process.

Be Realistic!

At the MTA we want you to get your ideal stand in a prime location, but the fact is not everyone is going to get their first choice simply due to the number of companies vying for space in the ballots; you may need to manage expectations to avoid disappointment.

There are however, things you can do to help us secure you the best possible location:

Use all your choices:

The more information you give us, the less we have to guess. If you only give us one option and it is not available when you are drawn out then we use our judgement to allocate you the stand we think is the best available, but choosing a stand is very subjective; give us the full 8 options and we will have a much better idea of the size, shape and locations you like the look of.

Don’t be afraid to add some notes – if you need to accommodate a 3 x 6m machine then us allocating you a 5 x 5m stand won’t do you any good, so make us aware of any key requirements

Think outside the box:

The shape and layout of the 2020 plans means that there are all sorts of interesting stands available so consider the following:

  • A stand may have only 1 open side but does it have a sight line down an aisle that would give you great visibility?
  • What is in the surrounding area that might attract footfall? Restaurants, the seminar theatre, entrances and even the toilets can help increase the foot traffic, so keep this in mind.
  • Don’t discount stands with pillars – unless you are trying to fit in a large piece of kit, will a pillar cause you any trouble? You don’t pay for pillar space and fewer people may select them as ballot choices giving you better odds of securing the stand in the ballot.
  • Consider taking 2 stands and sponsoring the aisle carpet in between to give the impression of a larger space and to create visitor flow.

Talk to us:

If you need help or advice then ask us! The MACH team spends a lot of time working with our exhibitors and floor plans so we may be able to come up with options you haven’t considered. Don’t hesitate to contact your account manager or another member of the team if you would like some assistance.

All our contact details (and our photos) can be found on the Contact Us page of the MACH website.

If you need copies of the Ballot Pack information it is available for download via the ballot page on the website where you can also fill in the form online.

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