Mach 2018

09-13 April 2018

nec birmingham uk

Lloyds Bank

Seminars at MACH


Networking & Engagement at MACH 2018

MACH 2018 is a unique opportunity to be part of the UK’s largest showcase for advanced engineering and manufacturing, meeting and networking with like-minded individuals and new connections.

The vibrant MACH seminar programme explores the issues of the day facing UK manufacturing with insightful discussions lead by top economists and well known entrepreneurs and thought leaders. Some of the UK’s largest manufacturing companies see MACH as an opportunity to challenge suppliers to improve the supply chain and host networking events as part of the successful UK Manufacturing Zone.

Being a part of MACH 2018 opens up a wealth of opportunities to learn about the issues at the heart of industry, discuss the latest techniques and meeting new business connections.


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