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09-13 April 2018

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Waterproof Peli Case

Waterproof Peli Case



  • AM Equipment
  • Cutting tools
  • Laser/waterjet machines
  • Machining centres
  • Tooling
  • Material handling
  • Tooling devices
  • Cutting tools
  • Abrasive tools and products
  • Handling Equipment and Accessories
  • Storage and Organisation
  • Packaging, Storage Systems,  Racking, Shelving, Containers, Labelling, etc
  • Machinery Accessories
  • Accessories
  • Accessories - others
  • Material Handling Robots
  • Storage & racking
  • Tooling
  • Design
  • Product development
Peli Cases are a range of heavy duty waterproof cases providing the safest transportable environment for delicate, sensitive, expensive or vital equipment. A full range of sizes covers almost every utilisation, in practically any environment. Tough, Rugged and Lightweight Airtight, Wate Resistant, Impervious to Mother Nature Dent-resistant, Shatter-resistant, Virtually Unbreakable Safe and Secure Avid sportsmen, professional photographers, sound engineers, scuba divers, boaters, military personnel, industrial workers and people who just plain love their tools, equipment or electronics all use Storm Cases to protect their most valuable gear. No matter what you need to transport, you can trust that it's secure in a Peli Case.
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