Mach 2018

09-13 April 2018

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Lloyds Bank

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VB Range - CNC Beam sawing machine

VB Range - CNC Beam sawing machine


  • Metalcutting
  • Sawing and cutting-off machines
  • Band sawing machines
  • Surface Finishing
The Voortman bandsaw machine range is especially designed for cutting beams. The VB Range distinguishes itself through its stiff and rigid heavy frame. Equipped with the latest technology like servo motors and spindles, these machines guarantee optimal cutting speeds and high quality cuts. The bandsaw can be installed as standalone machine or in combination with other Voortman equipment. A big advantage is that there is no time wasted speeding down too early or speeding up too late when cutting the web of an H-profile due to constant pressure measuring at the sawing blade. Another distinguishing feature is that the Voortman Range is standard equipped with a moving sawing table. This makes sure that the sawing lists are always in line with the sawing blade so it never cuts in the table. For further information, click here:
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