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NEW: Rebel One Unitised - SA Range

NEW: Rebel One Unitised - SA Range



  • Grinding & Abrasives
  • Abrasive tools and products
  • Abrasive and polishing pastes
  • Bonded abrasive products
  • Coated abrasives
  • Grinding wheels, abrasive discs and belts
  • Honing, lapping and polishing tools
  • Other grinding tools and accessories
  • Superfinishing process materials
  • Surface Finishing
  • Cleaning & surface preparation
  • Hand held tools
  • Hand held power tools
The SA Range of unitised abrasives will be the most well known sector if you have experienced unitised abrasives before. The SA 5, SA 6 and SA 7 products have been a staple part of the AFS range for some time now and they still provide the same, pre-polishing and scratch removal standards as before. SA 5 products are ideal for removing scratches, damage as well as light deburring. SA 6 discs provide excellent TIG weld removal on aluminium and non ferrous metal. Whilst providing more aggression than the SA 5, it has enough flexibility to work round curves on your workpiece. Grade 7 SA products offer more aggression again for a thicker weld on stainless steel and provides a surface ideal for polishing.
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