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09-13 April 2018

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NEW: Rebel One Unitised - FA Range

NEW: Rebel One Unitised - FA Range



  • Grinding & Abrasives
  • Abrasive tools and products
  • Abrasive and polishing pastes
  • Bonded abrasive products
  • Coated abrasives
  • Grinding wheels, abrasive discs and belts
  • Honing, lapping and polishing tools
  • Other grinding tools and accessories
  • Deburring
  • Surface Finishing
  • Cleaning & surface preparation
  • Centreless polishing machines
  • Special purpose polishing machines
  • Hand held tools
  • Hand held power tools
The softest abrasive products in the New Rebel One Unitised range allow you to apply a soft, structured satin finish to your workpiece. The softness of the products allows them to provide a very flexible action. The FA abrasive range is available for angle grinder discs, which are excellent for paint and coating removal on steel and car body panels and also aluminium where other removal products would damage the soft metal below. Spindle Mounted products in the FA unitised range are excellent for removing weld discolouration and blending on a metal surface to leave a satin finish. They are also great when working on edges where traditional wheels would wear away quickly.
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