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09-13 April 2018

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Idhammar OEE

Idhammar OEE



  • IT for Manufacturing
  • Software for manufacturing
  • Production control software
  • Software; other
  • Management Systems/Software
  • Asset Management and Scheduling/Planning
  • Quality
  • Quality control and software
  • Quality assurance software
  • Quality control software
Specifically designed to apply Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) to manufacturing processes, the Idhammar OEE System provides a range of specialist tools to help manufacturing improvement teams cost justify and implement changes that increase Overall Equipment Effectiveness and drive bottom line savings. The Idhammar OEE System, provides: Powerful data handling (manual and automatic) A range of accurate, real-time reporting (dashboards, andon, alerts) What-If and Root Cause Analysis Tools Improvement Agendas and Suggestion Schemes Quality and Energy Monitoring No more complex spreadsheets – all data is fed simply and easily into the Idhammar OEE System where it is automatically manipulated to enable graphical visualisations, providing the basis for real-time analysis and reporting.
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