Mach 2018

09-13 April 2018

nec birmingham uk

Lloyds Bank

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Elesa wireless spindle positioning system

Elesa wireless spindle positioning system



  • Metal Machines
  • Polymer Machines
  • Application areas
  • Forming tools & machine
  • Health & Safety
  • Environmental Safety Systems
  • Equipment & Supplies
  • Logistics
  • Handling Equipment and Accessories
  • Storage and Organisation
  • Machinery Accessories
  • Metalcutting
  • Manual machining
  • Workholding
The Elesa wireless spindle positioning system on show at MACH 2018 enables faster and more reliable machine set up by use of a wireless connected profile controller, which displays the initial set up values on each of up to 36 electronic position indicators. The operator can simply choose the appropriate menu then quickly re-set each spindle to its correct start position and the machine is “good to go”. This saves time and takes out much of the possibility of human error.
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