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Press Releases

Press Releases

  • PDJ Vibro presented the two sides of its business at Advanced Engineering UK. One is its new and used finishing machine sales activities and the other is its contract finishing service. Both are designed to make life simpler for manufacturers that want to minimise manual work and move towards automating the finishing process for health and safety reasons and to improve consistency.

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  • New mini TMA servo feed

    23-Nov-2017 by: Matt Albutt T.M.A. ENGINEERING LTD

    TMA will be exhibiting it's new mini servo feed at the show.

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  • Peterborough subcontractor Westcombe Engineering has installed a new manufacturing cell to produce increased quantities of a family of aluminium engine components for Perkins Engines. It comprises a Haas ST-30 CNC lathe with short bar feeder, a Blast Wash top-loading washing machine and a vibratory bowl finishing machine from PDJ Vibro, the second to be installed in the factory.

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  • In Europe the series of publications «…for Dummies» sells like hot cakes. Not that buyers are considered as stupid, far from that …but it is a way to say that these books are addressed to consumers who do not know the subject. They aim to make people informed and efficient very simply. The new modular MVRL 160 vertical honing machine by Pemamo follows this trend and allows everyone to be able to master the micron scale simply and without prior knowledge.

    Presented at the EMO, the first vertical machine by Pemamo was a great success. Indeed, for the first time since the foundation of the company it was possible to work with the proven technology of Pemamo (continuous expansion, adjustment to the tenth of a micron, reliability of machines and robustness of the processes) on a machine working vertically. Mr. Decker, responsible for sales, says: “The presentation of the MVRL 160 clearly opened new markets; our arrival on the market with this type of machine has been extremely well perceived by individuals and companies convinced by vertical honing”.

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  • SCHNEEBERGER adds a new talented grinding machine to his portfolio.

    This time, downsizing was what the designers were after. The “new talent” was to be small and inexpensive, but also combined with the “genes” of its “big brothers”. It might be a slim 99 cm wide, but it’s no lightweight. The new product’s 1500kg weight gives it stability. With a total height of 1m 76cm, it has attractive proportions.

    With the ariesNGP, access to 5-axis CNC tool grinding is not a compromise. The machine has all the ingredients needed for an outstanding grinding result. Stability, high-resolution axes, the latest generation of control unit, an efficient coolant circuit, high concentricity of the workpiece holders, a high-performance grinding spindle and grinding software that calculates the grinding paths very precisely to 13 decimal places.

    The stability is achieved thanks to the robust spheroidal cast-iron monoblock design. This gives the machine kinematics the necessary internal strength. All axes can be equipped with ultra-precise measurement systems.

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  • ActOn offers a wide range of Abrasive Consumables for shot blasting and peening processes. Selecting the right blasting media is essential and depends upon the condition of the material before blasting and the finish required after blasting. To achieve the required finish, it is important to consider the blasting media type, shape, size, density, and hardness. 

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    Fladder Danmark A/S has improved the “heart” of the machines – the solid gear head.

    40% increased capacity.

    Due to modified embedding of the bearings and the change to cones with a play free bedding it offers the possibility to use our new dia. 400 mm abrasive cylinders.

    It means more than 40% abrasive material (22 m²) compared to previous ones (16 m²).

    The new ”heart” can be retrofitted into old machines.

    The new technology fit into existing machines.

    Even old machines can be upgraded to the latest technology at a reasonable cost.

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  • West Yorkshire based Produmax has its sights set firmly on the future. With a company vision statement to be “Engineering Superheroes” this is a company with an ambition to go further and faster than anyone else. Specialising in high precision engineering, Produmax has focused heavily on optimising its manufacturing operations and using the latest technologies to stay at the leading edge. This has resulted in investments in a new modern facility, CNC machine tools and handling systems, and Seiki software to visualise and improve the productivity of its resources.

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  • Jack Jacob at Leon Paul Equipment commented, “Five years ago we started producing a revolutionary pistol grip called Evolution for our epees and foils.

    Many fencers around the world including winners at last year’s Olympic Games in Rio use weapons manufactured by London firm, Leon Paul Equipment. What many of them may not realise is the level of expertise that goes into ensuring that the foils, epees and sabres are finished to a very high standard. To this end, a focus on deburring and surface treatment has seen two more vibratory machines installed in the factory by Bletchley-based supplier, PDJ Vibro.

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  • The new factory in Danville, Virginia, is intended to support the activities of the plant in North Yorkshire, which has witnessed a considerable manufacturing growth that is expected to continue for the foreseeable future.

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  • Unison Ltd, which manufactures tube bending machines and simulation software, announces that it has entered a joint venture with Pneuform Machines Ltd leading to full integration within the Unison family of companies joining Yorkshire CNC and Ingenium.

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