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WERMA Andon lights and signal towers a most comprehensive menu card of options

WERMA Andon lights and signal towers a most comprehensive menu card of options

05-Feb-2018 WERMA (UK) LTD

Let us now take you through our menu of options, confident that our technology-hungry customers will find something that “hits the spot” and satisfies the appetite for the very best in signal light technology.

Today's Menu


Dimensions: Signal towers and andon lights are available in 40 mm, 50 mm and 70 mm sizes in both modular and pre-assembled options.

Voltages: 12V DC, 24V AC/DC. 30V DC, 115V AC, or 230V AC. USB port powered also available.



Colours: Red, Green, Yellow, White, Blue, plus additional programmable colours from our multicolour range. Ask your waiter for more details.

Light Effects: most colours available in Permanent, Blinking, Flashing, Double Flash, Flicker (EVS), Rotating or Ultrabright. Some selections have a choice of a single beam of light or "OmniVIEW" (best visibility from all positions).

Light Technologies: LED, incandescent bulb, xenon flash.

Sounds: tone choices include continuous, pulse, alternating tones, and externally triggered. Most are volume adjustable while one is self-adjusting. Some have 7 or 8 tones to choose from. If all else fails, copy your favourite MP3 files (sounds, songs, spoken words) and provide a customised sound.

Sound Volumes: include: 85 dB, 80-100 dB (self-adjusting), 95-105 dB (manually set) and 100 dB.

Communication: wirelessly networked andon light systems for machine status monitoring and data collection, manual workstation monitoring and call-for action, parts counting, head-of-line function.


Side orders

Wire Terminations come with a choice of CAGE Clamp®, screw terminals or quick disconnect (M12, 8 pole) connections. Your choice of a black or grey housing.

Ready to order?  This couldn’t be more simple by either giving the team in the office a call or ordering through our on-line shop



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