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09-13 April 2018

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Tornos MultiSwiss8x26

Tornos MultiSwiss8x26

06-Feb-2018 by: Tornos UK TORNOS UK LTD

At MACH2018, we will be introducing our popular MultiSwiss range of multi--spindle turning centres. With th MutliSwiss8x26 we will be looking forwards to MACH visitors reaction to the machine. As one of a family of 3 machines ranging from 16mm to 32mm spindle sizes, the 26mm diamater capacity MutliSwiss8x26 is euipped with eight hydrostatic spindles and eith slides for main operrations with upto 3 tools per slide. Eight highly dynamic sychronous 11kW motor spindles and ultra-fast barrel indexing, the new  MultiSwiss8x26 also provides 8x C axis and an indelendent counter spindle with its own tooling group. As an option, the machines can come equipped woth Y axis to further boost its capabilities,

From an ergonomic perspective, MutliSwiss machines are as accessible as any single spindle machines and operators using those machine types quickly master the MultiSwiss because of the way the machines are programmed and set. Consigned to the past are the long and protracted setup times of more conventional multi-spindle machines. With its ergonomic design set up times on the MultiSwiss are as quick as a single spindle machine. The key difference is the MultiSwiss provides up to five times the output as one signle spindle turning machine and doesn't need increased number of operators to deliver it.

Whether you produce families of parts across several single spindle machines, or have short lead time production requirements that can cause production scheduling conflicts, the MultiSwiss range of machines can provide th solution.

Our Active Chip Breaker (ACB) function for swarf management is available on our single spindle ranges, but also now available as an industry first on out multi spindle machine too. So whether you are producing cmponents from steel, Aluminium, plastics or other materilas that could bring with them inherent problems with swarf management ACB could be the solution to optimise your production output.

Another benefit of the MutliSwiss is it's price. Because of the improvements we have made in the way we build this range of machines, the level of investment usually associate with a multi spindle machine has been reduced, helping with the justification to purchase a machine for the end user. Lower  value components can now also be considered, so you no longer need high value, high volume components to benefit from the flexibility and output a multi spindle machine such as the MultiSwiss can provide.


If you have problems machining parts that demand a degree of flexibility and productivity or if you need to ramp up your productivity bat are pushed for space your crammed machine shop, its time to "Turn to Tornos". Visit us on stand H19-312 at MACH2018 to take a look at what Tornos can offer.

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