Mach 2018

09-13 April 2018

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Take a look at Freddy as never before!

Take a look at Freddy as never before!

10-Jan-2018 by: Lisa Tomkins FREDDY PRODUCTS LTD

Come join Freddy at MACH 2018, on stand H19-108.  Take a look at our Freddy Micro Plus, which builds on the successful Micro product that we launched in early 2017.  Boasting a 50 litre capacity that can recycle 50 litres of metalworking fluid in 60 seconds and weighs less than any previous Freddy has, the Micro Plus offers users versatility and great mobility, making it a perfect choice for smaller businesses.

Since 1962 Freddy has been a global leader in Coolant Recycling Machines. 

Committed to ensuring that our products are robust enough for even the most demanding environment, Freddy have designed the Micro Plus so that unlike many small coolant recycling vacuums on the market it does not use fragile submersible pumps, which can take up valuable space in the tank and make it difficult for those that use it to clean the machine.

Visitors will also be able to take a look at our other Coolant Recycling Models, including the popular Ecovac, and for the first time, we will also be presenting some of our bespoke work, which has been increasing in demand year on year.  Plus take a look at some of the projects we are currently working on by signing up for one of our presentations being held on the stand throughout the week, where you can learn about the history of Freddy, what we do now, and what the future holds, including looking at what we believe the part technology will play in the workplace.

Lisa Tomkins, Marketing Manager at Freddy said: “We’re delighted to be able to showcase our brand new Micro Plus at the MACH exhibition next year, and to allow visitors to interact with our products like never before, using the latest VR technology. It is going to be a very exciting week for us!”

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