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09-13 April 2018

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Sliding head tooling with no limitations

Sliding head tooling with no limitations


With 5,000 completely new products designed specifically for sliding head tooling, the special "Tool selection for sliding head tooling" catalogue now contains over 11,000 high-quality tools. As well as an extensive range of chip breakers, ISO indexable inserts in various geometries and cutting materials, the new products also include fine-toothed circular saw blades and corresponding cylindrical shank adapters, and a wide portfolio of guide bushes and collets.

Another new and exciting product is the XHeadClamp system, which can be used to change the cutting edge or geometry in under 5 seconds! This saves valuable production time without compromising on high repeatability and reliable installation. Another highlight in the special catalogue from WNT is the tangential SOGX turning system. Four cutting edges and extremely high stability and cutting capability are the hallmarks of the system, which can either be used with or without a targeted coolant supply.

One catalogue for everything!

With the "Tool selection for sliding head tooling", WNT has launched a "one-stop catalogue" where customers can easily find all the tools they need for sliding head tooling. Whether they are looking for tool solutions for drilling, thread milling, turning, grooving or milling, WNT always has the answer. Customers no longer need to trudge through several catalogues, but can now find the ideal tool for the daily challenges they face with their sliding head lathe in one place.

In addition to their extensive product range, WNT also delivers when it comes to the high level of service customers have come to expect. For example, the company guarantees tool availability of 99% and extremely speedy delivery – items ordered before 7 pm are delivered to the customer the following working day. What's more, the WNT Technical Sales Engineers are on hand to help either in person or over the phone, so that production lines are never at a standstill and WNT customers can conduct their turning operations without any restrictions.

Order now free of charge

Do you want to enjoy sliding head tooling with no limitations? Then order your copy of the "Tool selection for sliding head tooling" catalogue free of charge now at, by calling the free service line on 0800 921 0000 or from your dedicated WNT Technical Sales Engineer. Further information and product videos on the new products from WNT can be found at