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SigmaTEK and Roadtec: Automation, Together

SigmaTEK and Roadtec: Automation, Together


As a leader in industrial manufacturing, Roadtec has learned to balance innovation with ROI. Tim Lewis, Roadtec’s Director of Operations, has relied on SigmaNEST as an industry partner for ten years. “SigmaNEST continues to improve our overall margins while meeting the quality and necessary efficiency to compete in today’s global market,” says Lewis.Roadtec is part of Astec Industries, a corporation known as a world leader in asphalt paving equipment. Today, Roadtec offers an extensive line of pavers that are well balanced for maximum tractive effort. Like SigmaTEK, Roadtec is dedicated to the success of their customers and committed to innovation, quality and superior support. Both SigmaTEK and Roadtec know that the future of manufacturing is automation.

SigmaNEST offers solutions and IIoT-based capabilities to store, track and manage production processes and vital data, making tedious paperwork a thing of the past. Marcus Affron, SigmaNEST Programmer at Roadtec benefits from automation with SigmaNEST daily: “The future for us would be automation […] we’ve been using SigmaNEST for a couple of years and now we’re using Load Manager and Color Offload, which are two other products SigmaNEST offers,” states Affron. “Color Offload allows us to have communication with the shop, and if there is a problem with anything, they can literally touch the tablet and send it right back to us and let us know there was an issue. Getting rid of all the paperwork with Color Offload has been very helpful.”

SigmaNEST Load Manager puts you in complete control of the shop floor to quickly assess production and easily reassign jobs to any compatible machine. Load Manager maintains a nest in a scheduling queue displaying the program number, material type and thickness, designated machine and estimated run time. Jobs can easily be assigned or reassigned, stopped and restarted. Load Manager allows you to maximize production, balance machine workloads and eliminate costly bottlenecks.


Color Offload interfaces with Load manager for scheduling flexibility and eliminates the potential for error when mixing work orders by color-coding and displaying parts grouped with the orders to which they belong. At the same time, the machine operator can flag parts that may have cut quality issues. Substandard parts are rejected and automatically rescheduled for future nests.


As Industry 4.0 gains momentum, SigmaTEK has stayed on the cutting edge of automation and will continue to propel SigmaNEST users into the future by engineering more. Roadtec continues to benefit from SigmaNEST innovation: a process that used to cost Roadtec three or four days to complete, can be done in one day with SigmaNEST. “As we gain efficiency in our processes, we are able to pass the savings on to our customers. SigmaNEST has played a large role in helping us with this process,” says Lewis.