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Shop Floor Automation

Shop Floor Automation

26-Jan-2018 by: Nica Lourens SIGMATEK EUROPE LTD

 Shop floor automation is a necessity for manufacturing companies that want to be competitive and successful into the future. It also has negative effects that cause bottlenecks and puts a hold on production. With the numerous advancements of IT and manufacturing technology even the most process automation has the potential to streamline activities, trim waste, and boost profitability.


Why you need Shop Floor Automation

One of the biggest challenges of shop floor automation is an organization’s reluctance to change. Shop floor automation can be complex to implement but in return, can offer numerous benefits that improve the overall success of the company. Many manufacturers have incorporated ERP systems to track daily operations; but the shop has remained an island, with unconnected data.

According to the company Infor on Manufacturing Industry Perspectives, the shop floor challenge has been referred to as the “last mile”. The last mile refers to the “need to connect back office IT solutions with the final stages of production, warehousing and shipping to the customer. This stretch is often the least automated part of the manufacturing process, but it’s one of the most critical aspects of meeting customer expectations for on time delivery of on-spec products. Companies who automate the last mile see an increase in equipment utilization by 20-50 percent and an ROI of 3 to 6 months.”

Having an automated system that delivers real-time information to your ERP reduces rework, keeps production stream lined and makes companies more efficient with their time and resources. Shop floor automation, if implemented properly, can be highly beneficial to the overall success of the company.