Mach 2018

09-13 April 2018

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SCHUNK To Introduce Groundbreaking Technology at MACH

SCHUNK To Introduce Groundbreaking Technology at MACH


SCHUNK Intec Ltd. announced today that the company will introduce a range of innovative new products at MACH 2018. Since entering the UK and Irish market 20 years ago SCHUNK Intec Ltd. has gained market recognition, steady growth and added value to their customers through products and services. Martin Kent, the General Manager of SCHUNK Intec Ltd. said, "We are very proud to celebrate this milestone. Over the last 20 years SCHUNK Intec Ltd. has remained strong through many changes in the economic climate. We are looking forward to delivering substantial additional value to our customers and innovation to the industry."

SCHUNK’s stand will be showcasing well established products such as VERO-S Quick Change Pallet System, TENDO Hydraulic Toolholder, PGN-plus Gripper, MAGNOS Magnetic Clamping Technology and ROTA-S Manual Lathe Chuck. Alongside these well established products that the company will be showcasing at MACH 2018 includes new innovation:

  • VERO-S NSE3 – A new flagship for quick-change pallet technology. SCHUNK has yet again boosted the performance characteristics of the VERO-S NSE3 138 as compared against previous top sellers. An enormous pull-down force of 8,000 N or 28,000 N with activated turbo function as well as increased dimensional stability for the module body have a positive impact on the rigidity of the clamping solutions. Thus, even the highest tilting moments and transverse forces can be reliably absorbed when parts are clamped at the base then machined at height, for example. Clamping and positioning also occur via a short taper with a repeat accuracy of < 0.005 mm with the premium modules. This ensures maximum precision even in the most demanding applications. Due to the conical fitting, the clamping pins can also be joined into the modules eccentrically, making this process incredibly easy. The actual clamping is done via spring force without any external energy supply; it is form-fit and self-locking. The workpieces remain safely clamped in case of a sudden pressure drop in the air system. A pneumatic system pressure of 6 bar is sufficient to open the clamping modules.
  • Under the new brand name Co-act (collaborative actuator), SCHUNK will be presenting its gripping technology program for safe human-robot collaboration. SCHUNK Co-act JL1 gripper, the world's first intelligent gripping module for human/robot collaboration, which directly interacts and communicates with humans. Adjustments to the gripping processes can be made in real time using diverse sensor systems. Various "senses" are used to record, evaluate, and communicate situational, ambient and operational conditions.

For more information please visit Stand H20-180 in Hall 20, NEC from 9-13th April 2018.