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09-13 April 2018

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Press Release S131

Press Release S131


Flexibility founded on ergonomics


With the S131 STUDER has paid special attention to the customer advantages of ergonomics, handling and flexibility. It has a swing diameter over the table of 250 mm (9,85”) and enables a maximum grinding length of 160 mm (6,3”) for internal and 125 mm (4,92”) for external diameters. It is available for workpieces with a maximum length of 300 mm (11,8”).

The ergonomic design ensures safety during machine operation and workpiece inspection, as well as efficient process control. Above all, the ergonomic design of the machine also contributes to the operator's well-being in the long term. The features responsible for these advantages include, the axis layout of the machines and the arrangement of the spindles at the front of the spindle turret, the new dressing concept and the generously dimensioned sliding doors, which not only enable good accessibility for workpiece and grinding wheel change but also exceptional visibility. As the 15" touch screen operatingpanel of the Fanuc control system 31i-B with integrated PC is positioned on the right of the double sliding door, the machine operator always has a complete overview of his work area.


Large range of parts

To achieve short changeover and set-up times, high processing efficiency and intuitive, error-free handling, STUDER has equipped the S131 with the Quick-Set option in the StuderWIN software. Added to this is a quick and easy wheel change, which gets its efficiency from the software used, a 1-key concept and the ergonomic design. Added to this is a quick and easy wheel change, which gets its efficiency from the software used, a 1-key concept and the ergonomic design. The workhead is movable and is mounted on a swivel table. The automatic swivel axis has a swivelling range of - 10° to + 20° (length 1300 mm +15°).

The S131 is designed as a highly flexible machine which is capable of both internal and external grinding as well as form, noncircular and thread grinding. Not only can it be used to machine a large range of parts, but also to cover the entire diameter range in external grinding. The capability of the S131 to execute both internal and external grinding operations is based on the axis concept, a sophisticated arrangement of spindles, dressers, and a grinding spindle turret with integrated swivel axis, which allows the use of maximum four grinding spindles, two of them being external wheels, and a universal measuring probe. As the machine can be equipped with up to two swivel-in dressing devices with fixed or rotary dressing tools, optimized grinding wheels can be used throughout the machining process. This provides the prerequisite for high precision and surface quality of a broad range of workpieces. Short changeover times and quick reprogramming of the control system help to reduce auxiliary times, making the S131 a universal internal cylindrical grinding machine ideal for the production of individual components and midsize series. From the part range standpoint, it is especially suited for flanges and small workpieces.