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Rolls-Royce use Ecotile to strengthen HPC

Rolls-Royce use Ecotile to strengthen HPC

23-Aug-2017 by: Lucinda O'Reilly ECOTILE FLOORING LTD

As part of the Rolls-Royce Production System Rolls-Royce have updated 10 of the Team Centres at their facility in Bristol. In accordance with Lean Manufacturing principles the focus was on safety and efficiency through visual management and Andrew Tromans, Manufacturing Improvement Leader, realised that the floor was an under used resource.


Ecotile interlocking floor tiles are laid in each cell with signs and branding that reinforce the High Performance Culture (HPC)  message.


In other areas of the factory Ecotile has helped improve safety and efficiency by using different colours to differentiate between working areas and gangways.


Ecotile can be dry laid over damp, damaged, contaminated and uneven floors making it very quick and easy to install. In this instance the concrete floors were in excellent condition but needed to be acid etched every 6 – 9 months to remove the build-up of the wax/silicone release agent which meant shutting down production. Now a rolling schedule sees the Ecotiles in each cell taken up and removed for cleaning every 5 weeks with no disruption to production and no additional cost.