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Rohm Zero Point Clamping Solutions from Germany

Rohm Zero Point Clamping Solutions from Germany

25-Sep-2017 by: Romh GmbH ROHM (GREAT BRITAIN) LTD

Due to the robust and rust-resistant construction, both systems are suitable and can be used throughout, starting with machining, continuing with eroding up to the measuring machines. The workpiece is setup outside the machine tool while the machine is running. Due to standardised interfaces, the pallet with a clamped-in workpiece can be used for all manufacturing processes without any zero point loss.

RÖHM puts high priority on offering the right system for any application. Hence, the Easylock zero point clamping system prevails in detail with a large scope of functions and an attractive price. Possible fields of application range from hydraulic or pneumatic actuation up to manual actuation. The Easylock Plus expansion is also equipped with system control with an integrated cleaning function. The Easylock is suitable for a large number of demands that are placed on palletising systems today. In the process, it achieves a change-over accuracy of 0.005 mm.

RÖHM has its Power Grip palletising system in its programme for high demands placed on precision. As an ultra-precision system, it allows change-over accuracies of 0.002 mm making it considerably more accurate than the Easylock. In addition, the clamping monitoring is directly integrated. In short, RÖHM meets the highest demands with the Power Grip.

As a system supplier, RÖHM offers palletising and clamping devices from a single source. The prefabricated pallets can be combined in a modular system with a multitude of RÖHM standard clamping devices. There is no need at all for costly and time-consuming adaptation of the clamping devices or pallets. In addition, RÖHM offers prefabricated pallets for vices and chucks as well as universal pallets.