Mach 2018

09-13 April 2018

nec birmingham uk

Lloyds Bank

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Rohm MZE Mandrel Assorted Boxsets

Rohm MZE Mandrel Assorted Boxsets


In addition to properties that apply to all mandrels, such as the centric and comprehensive internal clamping, the MZE provides in particular high concentricity and repeatability within 0.01 mm. This is achieved thanks to the double-sided, slotted clamping sleeve.

The tool-free quick change of the clamping sleeve ensures fast retooling. With a clamping range of 8 to 230 mm, the system is suitable both for workpieces with small as well as large clamping lengths. The low weight and reduced construction height complete the overall package perfectly.
The assortment in a wooden box can be used to be equipped for the greatest variety of machining tasks. Different clamping diameters can be machined with it.