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09-13 April 2018

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No More Harness Snagging

No More Harness Snagging


High-speed spot welding robot from
Kawasaki Robotics

Kawasaki Robotics has introduced its latest spot welding robot range designed to meet market demand for faster welding speeds.  The B-SERIES range is a completely new ground-up design ideally suited for densely populated robot cells, or stand-alone cells, where minimal space is available.

A lightweight arm design and high-output motors, together with anti-vibration control technology, have helped to reduce the time needed for short-pitch movements.  Various payload and reach variants ,100 – 300 Kg provide repeatability of ±0,2mm and linear speeds of 5Mtrs per second making the range ideal for high-volume spot welding requirements.

The common problem of snagged dress package cables, in crowded cells, has been overcome by integrating the cable into the new B-SERIES robot.  The arm and wrist of the robot are hollow allowing the internal routing of cable from the base through to the wrist.  In addition to preventing in process snagging this speeds up on-site programming and eliminates 'cable positioning variables' to make off-line programming more efficient. 

Further enhancing suitability of the B-SERIES for spot-welding is its small footprint of 0,5Mtrs width and slim arm.  Combined with the integrated cable, the compact design allows greater efficiency when populating confined spaces with multiple robots.

Using the latest Kawasaki E02Universal Controler the B-Series robot has highly accurate trajectory control and faster programming execution.  Supporting the robot's small footprint the E02 controller also offers a compact design.  Additional axes control is available for applications requiring synchronised manipulation during the weld process.