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Nikuni KTM Fine Bubble Generating Pump

Nikuni KTM Fine Bubble Generating Pump


Aeration&Mixing have recently despatched two more Nikuni KTM25N pump packages to a client in the waste water treatment sector where they will be installed as fine bubble generation units in DAF separation systems. 

One of the key benefits of the Nikuni KTM series of fine bubble generating pumps is the evenness and very consistent fine bubble discharge, where the average fine bubble diameter will be approximately 25µm.   At this diameter the fine bubbles rise steadily, not too fast or too slowly. to form a dense flotation cloud, ideal for consistent separation.

As the fine bubble discharge is so even, the recirculation flow rate can be set lower than with comparable systems, saving both installation and running costs, yet providing conditions for excellent consistent separation.  When the added benefit of no compressors or blowers being required is added into the cost-benefit equation, Nikuni’s well-established claim of being able to provide a consistent fine bubble generation for DAF installations at circa 1/3rd of the energy of comparable systems makes good engineering and economic sense.

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