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New Award for KRUK

New Award for KRUK


Powering Your Potential


Kawasaki Robotics UK Ltd (KRUK) has been selected for achieving our highly prestigious Commitment to Excellence profile, we are pleased to report here at Food and Drink Matters.


Established in 1996, KRUK is the standalone subsidiary acting as the UK arm to Kawasaki Heavy Industries Japan (KHI). The fully equipped premises – which spans 10,000 sq. ft. of workspace and is located in Cheshire- In-house sales and customer support teams, dedicated robot testing, integration and storage facilities and is supported by a secure network of system partners and automation integrators.


“Here at KRUK we are a small well-established robotic company who try to support our products and help our customers at all times,” commented Ian Hensman, Sales Manager at Kawasaki Robotics (UK) Ltd. “Our main role is to sell industrial robots to general industry and we aim to be the best at pre-sales and aftersales.


“We use a number of system integrators to build, install and commission robotic automation and we are able to support the robot with service and technical backup, training and also application studies if required.  By having an approachable and friendly attitude to our clients and integrators we find that many return with new enquiries knowing that KRUK will give them the support and help they need.”


Kawasaki Robotics is a name that has become deftly associated with high quality advanced robotics, impressing customers across various industry sectors with its vast array of contemporary technologies, intelligent industrial robots and superior infrastructure equipment. Boasting a selection of robot solutions for all industries, the company has supplied over 2,300 machines to date and has years of experience serving organisations within the aerospace, automotive, electronics, food & beverage, foundry, life sciences, semiconductor, plastics & rubber and metal manufacturing verticals.


The fully functional robots are currently in operation in many important industrial environments, serving great purpose in different sizes and ages whilst performing in partnership with many major brands such as Toyota, Aston Martin, Fox's Biscuits, Heinz Foods and Pegler Yorkshire. Its newest additions to the line include the recently released CP palletisers with the new universal controller, made for use on palletising robots whilst saving energy and space with its smaller design, the new 1000kg and 1500kg payload robots and a collaborative robot dubbed the DuAro.

When asked about the company’s recent movements and upcoming plans, Ian was optimistic about what the future holds for KRUK. “We have recently taken on a new salesman, Andrew Perks, and we are looking to increase our workforce by another two people in quarter three,” he told us. “This year marks our 20th Anniversary and we are looking forward to celebrating this milestone in September with an Open House.

“We are actively looking to increase our presence in markets that we have not necessarily concentrated on in the past but with new products in the pipeline and the products released over the last 12-18 months we feel confident that we will continue to grow the business successfully.”

T 01925 713 000.