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Multi Quick 134 component 8

Multi Quick 134 component 8

28-Feb-2018 by: Victoria Parkes LENZKES CLAMPING TOOLS GB LTD

Lenzkes new innovation blends two of the most popular ranges 

New at Mach Lenzkes has expanded the extremely popular component 8 series of Multi Quick's. Due to the sucess of the compact highly functional clamps, the range has been expanded to include the most popular type of clamps for machining applications the Multi Quick 130!

This has led to the development of the Multi Quick 134 which gives the height and versatility of the Multi Quick 130 but on a smaller scale. This allows user to hold those tricky pieces that require a smaller clamp but still need the height offered by a Multi Quick 130 blending two of our most popular ranges!

Come and have a look on stand H17-310 as with the full Lenzkes range they are available on a free no obligation trial basis.