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09-13 April 2018

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MonsterMill PCR UNI from WNT

MonsterMill PCR UNI from WNT


With the MonsterMill PCR UNI, WNT brings an immensely powerful tool to the table that machining workshops can use to delve into a new world of milling – and all in the truest sense of the word. Not only does the milling cutter excel at roughing and finishing, it is also a master of vertical plunging. The PCR has four cutting edges at its disposal, which enable high feed rates and a quick penetration to working depth during drilling. What's more, high feed rates per tooth of up to 0.137 mm/U are also possible during ramping, slot milling and lateral profiling. The MonsterMill PCR UNI is the only four-cutting edge milling cutter to cover the entire spectrum – from drilling and process-secure ramping at high angles right through to full slot milling. Its four cutting edges give it a significant advantage over conventional plunge milling cutters with only three, as it can achieve feed rates that are up to a third higher.

Optimum chip breakage

Despite the high cutting speeds afforded by the PCR UNI, the MonsterMill also scores highly in terms of process security. The special core geometry has been designed to break chips and prevent spiral chips forming during plunging and drilling. Thanks to the reliable removal of any chips via the flutes, there is no need to fear chip jams, which ensures a safer process. "We've compared the MonsterMill PCR UNI with two competitors. One of the plunge milling cutters did not break the chip at all and long continuous chips were formed. With the other milling cutter, drilling was only possible to a limited extent and a large built-up edge formed," recalls Daniel Rommel. "With the MonsterMill PCR UNI, everything worked extremely well. We witnessed excellent chip breakage and process-secure chip removal at higher feed rates."

Extremely quiet running

According to Rommel, the extremely quiet running exhibited by the PCR UNI during the test was also remarkable. The WNT Product Manager puts this down to the irregular pitch of the cutting edges and irregular helix angle on the milling cutter. "This special geometry prevents the tool from oscillating and starting to vibrate," says Rommel. Even with high ramping angles of up to 45°, extremely quietly and process-secure operation is possible at an undiminished feed rate. Only drilling requires a slight reduction. The PCR UNI is also credited with ensuring a stable process and maximum precision during angled ramping up to 90°. The patented 142° centring tip in the centre of the end cutting edge offers a major advantage for these applications in particular: rapid centring is possible without having to perform helical milling in advance.

Performance trebled

"If users need to make a hole on a sloping surface, they previously had to mill down in a helix to 1xD so that the drill is then guided laterally. Thanks to the centring pin of the PCR UNI, this process has become a thing of the past," says Rommel, adding that guide boring of the component is entirely sufficient to automatically generate centring for the subsequent drilling process. "This makes our plunge milling cutter particularly efficient," states Rommel. At the same time, the product manager has no doubt that helical drilling is also possible with the MonsterMill, albeit with one subtle difference: due to the high ramping angle – up to 25° for helical drilling – with the MonsterMill PCR UNI, the user can once again work much quicker. "With the conventional method, it took 25 minutes to drill 100 holes (Ø 10 mm), but with the MonsterMill we managed it in only 8 minutes and therefore trebled the level of performance."

Convincing facts

The MonsterMill PCR UNI is a true all-rounder that exhibits high chip removal rates during roughing with four cutting edges and also achieves excellent surface finishes as a finishing cutter. It's very quiet running, which ensures stable and precise machining processes, resulting from the irregular pitch of the cutting edges and the irregular helix angle. Thanks to its outstanding properties – angled plunging, rapid centring owing to the patented centring tip and vibration-free ramping up to a ramping angle of 45° – the MonsterMill PCR UNI is the ultimate tool for machining steel, stainless steels and cast iron. The high process security afforded by the optimum chip clearance and the significantly shorter machining times – enabled by the high feed rates for HPC milling and drilling – impress from start to finish.