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09-13 April 2018

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Mist collector “Galileo PLUS”: give a PLUS to your system.

Mist collector “Galileo PLUS”: give a PLUS to your system.

10-Apr-2018 by: Losma SpA LOSMA UK LTD

GALILEO PLUS is a patented centrifugal filter for mist generated from neat oil and emulsions used in machine tools, also suitable in the presence of particulate.

Galileo Plus is available in 5 models with throughputs from 325 to 3.500 m3/h.

The combination of the turbine centrifugal action and a high efficiency multilayer filter set guarantees a high filtration level. Filters are positioned after the centrifugal action of the turbine, thus they are exposed to a limited amount of polluting agents, having a small size.

This location grants Galileo Plus’s filters a longer life than the one of the most common centrifugal or static filters in the market.

Moreover, Galileo Plus uses energy saving motors with high efficiency and very low power (KW).

Galileo Plus combines the Italian design with cutting-edge technologies for a better working environment.